Wednesday, September 16

It's Anti-Procrastination Day

But don't worry, you can put it off until next week, FlyLady does it every Wednesday.

And I wouldn't mention it at all except there are two items I keep meaning to blog and haven't yet.

BAC at Yikes! is asking people to join the National Organization for Women on her behalf. Unfortunately I think the contest she was involved in is over now, son-of-a-seacook, but if you are new to NOW and join at this link, she may still get credit for your membership. I love BAC and wish I had blogged this earlier.

John Sundman of WetMachine has sent me copies of his three novels, which look awesome. I look forward to reading them and reviewing them here, John. I especially look forward to reading "The Pains":

Let's say you're the Savior, Fred Christ. Would you want your frozen head to be reanimated in 1984?



  1. Well now I think that's extremely special, and I hope you like the books as much as I do. Remember, if you like them, praise them lavishly. If you don't like them, keep yer mouf shut. That is to say, if you don't like them, just procrastinate writing the review. Indefinitely.

    You may find helpful this little essay I wrote some years ago entitled "How to Procrastinate". Here's the lede: "

    First, think of something that you need to do. Then don't do it. But maybe it's not that simple. Like frinstance if you need to work yourself up into it. Procrastinating is not just something that you can just jump into. Oh, no no no no no no."

  2. The Pains is pretty darn good. My oldest daughter enjoyed it, as well.


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