Wednesday, September 9

Politics, Tea Baggers, and "At Least That's Not Me" Syndrome

You may or may not have seen "Ruby" on the Style Network but these reality shows are ubiquitous on cable television. Stories of morbidly obese people and their struggle (and in some cases, death) are on constantly.

And if it's not Fat TV it's house makeover reality. The worst bathroom in the world. The ugliest real estate listing. The most cluttered house in the entire universe. And don't get me started about the relationship/dating and wardrobe shows. Both of them are "watch people shop" in the most inhumane and sad display you can imagine.

But there's something behind these displays that, I think, speaks to politics during this recent August Congressional break with the ugliness that came out of Health Care Town Hall Meetings. People sit on their LaZBoy Recliner eating pork rinds and watching equally bad junk, but hey, at least they're not what they're watching: a six hundred pound woman who needs a special double-wide operating table for her gastric bypass surgery.

They may be sitting in a house with a sink full of dirty dishes, but hey, they can find the sink.

And sure, they believe in their heart of hearts that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did no real harm to the country, he lost the election and what's past is past. Politics is nasty business. Both sides do it. And that Obama Care bill is too long for anybody to understand it, and might make them pay for abortion and kill Grandma. It's all so suspicious and why on earth would Obama WANT to talk to school kids if not to convert them to his way, which might be Socialist or Muslim or ya know, even if it's just a Democrat being pro-education that's bad enough. Keep that stuff outta school, ya know.

We're all good Americans, as long as we're not one of those crazy people out there yelling at a meeting. Sit in the LaZBoy, be nice to your (white) neighbors, collect your social security and pray the Obama government keeps their hands off of it. Don't change your attitude, diet, housekeeping, motives, and above all, prejudices. Most of all, the fact that you are JUST NOW "waking up to politics"? Well, don't worry, you, like George W. Bush, are a good Christian man, and also basically a good person.

Anyone who watched Bush destroy this country's standing in the world and set up the corporate whoredom for which we are now paying the price, and makes the excuse that they were "politically asleep" during the Bush Administration and are now "awake," is using word-for-word Glenn Beck code for racism. This is the third person this past month I've heard use that asleep/awake analogy, and it's a sure sign that you're dealing with a racist LaZBoy who is putty in the hands of Hate Radio. And they are afraid of indoctrination? Really.


Take note, America, your heart is not washed clean from the pork rinds of George W. Bush just because you were asleep when you ate them. Before that heart attack hits you, hop up and down a few times about the black fella in the White House and tell yourself it's good aerobics that'll make up for the eight solid years you let your country go to pot. And don't forget your self-esteem affirmations: look in that red white and blue mirror and keep telling yourself you're fine just the way you are.

"The world just fucking blew up, Mister President. Act natural for the kiddies. Tell them to work hard and stay in...oh nevermind."


  1. I was talking about this with my dad yesterday.

    He said when JFK got shot, a lot of kids in the local school (DuPage county; YOU know what I'm talking about) stood up and cheered.

    This sort of indoctrination is not new with the current Fox News/Hate Radio crowd; but like pedophilia, now it's easier to hook up with like-minded people who tell them it's okay to feel that way.

    It's up to the majority to say, "No. It's not okay."

    BTW, where the hell is the Fairness Doctrine???

  2. That father says he's got questions about Obama's "years at Harvard [and] his doctor's thesis"

    What is he talking about? Obama doesn't have a doctorate, does he?

  3. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Dad's right, about this anyway. Obama has a JD - Juris Doctor or Doctor of Jurisprudence

  4. "...The worst bathroom in the world."

    You have never seen the water closet here at Casa De Zaius. ;o)

  5. There were certain parts of Alabama where people cheered when JFK got shot. And there are certain parts of this country full of children and sore losers, too.

  6. I was in a Catholic Grade school, in Southern California... when Reagan, our former Governor got shot, and kids cheered.
    There parents were mad at him because he cut welfare programs that Carter had endorsed.

    Bottom line, there are nutjobs in every party.


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