Thursday, September 10

Log another "win" for the GOP.

Honestly, the look on Pelosi's face last night was priceless. I look like that when a kid dumps tub water on the bathroom floor.


  1. Boehner's facial expression last night resembled a person in a TV ad who'd subjected himself to "those harsh laxatives." Which had yet to work.

  2. I wonder if Minority Leader Boehner has a grandma...

  3. I don't think Boehner has Mother.

  4. I don't think Boehner has Mother.

    he does...

    she's a carrot...

  5. Is it just me or does he look very slightly less orange lately? Maybe it's just that he couldn't possibly get more orange so he's transcended orange and reached a new plain of spraytanitude.

  6. I look like that when I dump on the bathroom floor too.

    I'm generally a much better aim than that.


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