Wednesday, September 16

The lesson for ACORN and the rest of us... that angel or devil, everyone has a FlipCam. (Apologies to MC Escher)
Assume forever that you are being videotaped, especially at work. We Lefties make hay when it's a "family-values" Republican bragging about lobbyist sex-spanking, but when it's an ACORN activist finding tax loopholes for prostitutes, that counts, too.

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The ACORN video is devastating, and there's no point putting lipstick on it. We lose the point on this one, even though many will point out that anti-ACORN is simply anti-Black, wow, what ammo to give the Right Wing, folks.

There's talk that ACORN will sue FOX News because the law in Maryland is that taping someone when they don't know it is illegal in that commonwealth. It would be nice if Rupert Murdoch's wallet could make up for what will clearly be lost in federal funding as a result of this total embarrassment. Ugh.


  1. I Believe the real lesson here is one of personnel. When people work for you, get to know them before you put them into positions of responsibility. Those Acorn staffers are morons. Let them be responsible for keeping a cup full of sharp pencils ready at all times. Dealing with the public? Not so much.

  2. Anonymous Liberal has an interesting insight about that ACORN video:

    As an initial matter, it is worth noting that these videos were shot and edited by people with a clear political agenda. We'll see how this plays out, but having watched the videos, it would not surprise me if they have been edited so as to severely distort and misrepresent what actually happened. The videos do not show a dialogue; the film-makers intersperse their own representations as to what they said with the supposed responses of the ACORN workers. I suspect that they are edited in this way to remove necessary context and make these conversations look worse than they actually were. The ACORN office in California is claiming exactly that, that the employee captured on film was playing along with what she assumed was a joke (and having watched the video, that seems perfectly plausible). I suspect the unedited footage looks very different. Moreover, I virtually guarantee that for every one of these videos aired, there were numerous attempted "stings" in which employees acted appropriately and therefore didn't provide any good footage.


    I tend to be very skeptical of anything that Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity use as proof to support their arguments. And remember, the extreme right have had it in for ACORN for some time. I have a hard time taking anything they say at face value.

  3. geek_guy3:06 PM

    The ACORN gal knew they were fake. She even claimed she killed her ex-husband even. She was playing with the "players".
    Media Matters

    Also the hooker/pimp tried their scam at other ACORN places and were kicked out.

  4. geek_guy3:06 PM

    Here is the link from media matters

  5. I am not buying these videos for a split second. ANYTHING that comes from the mouth or trough of Beck is instantly suspect in my book.

    And let us suppose for a moment that maybe there was some corruption here, that we should take this crap at face value. Do a little googling and find out how many American service members have been electrocuted in Iraq and Kuwait in showers installed by a certain defense contractor with close ties to a certain ex-vice president. Where's the f'ing outrage on that one, Glenn?

    So maybe ACORN people do corrupt stupid shit. When Bush people did corrupt shit, people died. And they're still dying. I have former students and friends and family members of friends over there right now. Where's Glenn Beck's little video attack posse on that one?

    Pardon me for not caring a whit about ACORN.

  6. They'll have a new video tonight, apparently about the border.

    "Even worse?" "It really depends on your criminal palette."

    They are also going after bigger game. Like the links between ACORN and SEIU 100 (the two appear joined at the hip) as well as other groups allied with ACORN.

    I thought the it was BS too - until I watched the videos. My view: ACORN is seriously dirty and not defensible.

    (BTW, I'm far more to the Left than most of you here...)

  7. I suppose you're right about siing over the video taping. But in the end, it'll only make it worse from a PR perspective.

    But as a ya' got something!

  8. There are too many self righteous people on both sides.... We are all sinners... let's hope while we do our good work that it really helps others.

    Great video.. thanks


  9. geek_guy6:58 PM

    polizeros, thanks for posting a Faux news clip, read my earlier clip and you will see that the gal did not kill any ex husband. Don't let the facts get in your way.
    (BTW, I'm far more to the Left than most of you here...) If you consider fox, reliable, then no.

  10. I'd love to see the internal memos circulating @ Acorn now.

    People! If someone comes to you w an outrageous and likely illegal issue, Do not respond. Cut the crap w creative problem solving!

    This includes Pimps, Ho's money laundering and anything you do not want broadcast on the news.

  11. geek_guy9:23 PM

    Yes Fran,
    That's the point. I remember a few years ago seeing a documentary about how easy it is for people claiming to be criminals to get weapons from gun shows. Too bad we didn't have a liberal media to show the clips 12+ hours a day across multiple shows to grind in the point.

  12. Somebody was desperate to take the heat off. It would be interesting to see this whole 'set 'em up' thing really take off.

    I wonder how many Republicans would get caught with their knickers down?

    My guess would be a lot.

  13. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Why would ACORN have fired employees if the tapes were misleading?

    As for a lawsuit. Bring. It. On. The discovery would be devastating to ACORN. Bertha is bluffing.

  14. geek_guy9:12 AM

    Anonymous, if that is your real name.
    Should we cut funding to a company that got many times more money then Acorn and had their employees rape another?
    Not only that, they electrocuted soldiers in their showers, poisoned soldiers water, and set up military escorted trips with empty delivery trucks thru combat zones to pad their profits with our tax dollars.

    Not to mention the trillions of dollars to bail out banks that committed fraud.
    I await your unbiased opinion.

  15. Being the neverending artist that I am I did a double take and a triple take on the Bat and Angels graphic. Mind Boggling really. Whoever thought that up needs compensated. That's for posting it at the right time for the right topic. I get it.

    I got nothing to add on the Acorn issue. It's getting really nutty though.

  16. Hey Shy Ann that's MC Escher; he's long dead but his work is pretty amazing. There's a gallery here:

  17. I think FOX is about to end up with some egg on its face. There are now YouTube videos out of Acorn employees holding up the police reports they filed after the individuals left their office. Also, some of the stuff has been refuted by the police and there is no evidence that those reports were processed.

    Time will tell, but I'm going to laugh my ass off when it does. I'm writing a blog on it soon.


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