Monday, September 21

Salon tonight? Yes, when I'm not
seeing to my imaginary bf

Tonight at 9 eastern I will try to log on during commercials.

Salon is here, I hope to catch up with you...but you know, House says (rude as ever even in Detox) that I'm gonna be BUSY.

Chat is chat only no special equipment or account needed, though it seems to work best in Firefox.

Okay please note in comments we're talking about the premiere and if you don't like spoilers don't go there.


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    I thought you were so over older men?


  2. Hugh Laurie just turned 50, dahlink. Thanks for thinking of that as "older" though. You have NO idea. xo

  3. hated the premiere, but, as always, rooting for a comeback from your hugh.

  4. To be honest, James, I did too. The whole music box thing was so...beneath the writers. And House on SSRI's is not going to work. It's like putting Sherlock on brandy and leaving out the coke. Huh?

    I have a t-shirt with the British tagline for the show: "Genius has side effects." House self-medicates for THAT. And SSRI's aren't on his personal pharma list.

  5. yeah, i used to take 40 mg celexa/day, and the stuff never did squat for me. but if i had to do w/o my little ole 7.5 mg hydrocodone it would be yes, like the brandy w/o the coke. it's not just a pain pill, it's a mood enhancer, which is what i always thought house used it for.

    i do have a feeling this premiere will garner his long-awaited emmy -- it certainly manages to touch on all the award feelies. esp, as you noted, the music box "thank you" moment.

  6. Anonymous6:21 AM

    "I thought you were so over older men?"

    He's not "older"


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