Wednesday, September 23

In the driveway this afternoon.

We have a lot of loose rabbits here in southern Illinois. I was stupid enough to plant lettuce this year, too. Now the long ear suns-o-bitchez have left a Sharpie-penned Gurney's Seed catalog on the front porch, for crying out loud.

I'm not a serious gardener and I have to admit I love the critters. (sorry AL)


  1. Sounds like a rabbit revolution to me.
    Are they socialists or communists?
    I bet it's got somethin' to do with that Obama feller. Garden Czars !
    Does Glenn Beck know about this???

    I want mah garden back!

  2. Shiftless rabbit ! Tires are for hard working honest kids who who (insert good cry here)

  3. Anonymous3:59 PM

    He's not inspecting your tires! He's going to chew through your brake lines! OH NOES!!

  4. HAHAHAH! Fucking rabbits.

  5. When I was a teenager I grew a garden every year (mostly tomatoes and basil). Anyhow, I read somewhere that one way to keep the rabbits out was to plant a border of marigolds. Seems that rabbits don't like them, and they nibble on the first thing they see. One day I saw a rabbit hopping over to the garden, it took a bite out of a marigold plant and hopped away. Worth a try.

  6. kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit . . .
    ~ Elmer F.

  7. Yay! I love bunnies. :o)


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