Tuesday, May 18

Debbie does Dhimmi

Racist chaleria Debbie Schussel deserves a pageant of her very own. Here she is dry humping the race card again, this time over the trash that is Miss USA pageant judges. It turns out they selected their first Islamic semi-porn scholarship winner this week.
No, it’s not “just another beauty pageant.” Donald Trump, Muslims (who mostly support Islamic terrorist groups, like Hezbollah, which features many of [the winner] Fakih’s close relatives as top officials), and even Barack Obama will exploit this as propaganda for Islam. Mark my word. Hezbollah is laughing at us, tonight.
Oh Debbie. I'm marking your words. You betcha.

We really should reserve the all-important message bearing Miss USA pageant for WHITE trash, only.

And Debbie? Right-wing blogger points off for leaving the "Hussein" off POTUS's name.


  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I'm shocked that they haven't noticed the communist, Islamic, homosexual connection in all of this. After all, the Miss American Pageant (or whichever) wouldn't exist were it not for the affectation among gays to make fun of barbie dolls. Yes, Hezboallah, the homosexual lobby, and the communist party, led by Barak Hussein Obama (a closet moslem homo pinko) put some towelhead slut in the tiara....

  2. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Good one Irainianredneck. You covered all the bases in just 2 sentences.


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