Monday, May 17

Well, thank God for multiple O's, @stephenathome

Actually, I've always tried to keep imaginary boyfriend numero uno,

...from, you know, finding out about imaginary boyfriend numero duo:

And THEN look what happened over here. h/t to ever so slightly (?) less imaginary boyfriend numbre primo:

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Stephen honey, hours with my Hitachi wand can't do what the first 29 seconds of that clip did for me.

But in the world of imaginary boyfriends, I wonder who decided to go after the other one?

Yeah. I'm thinking the Doctor started the storm, too. Bastard.

Salon tonight, nine Eastern, on Tiny Chat. No cameras or headphones it's just typing with other prog bloggers and no imaginary boyfriends invited. :)


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  2. dunno about the stephen/greg romance, but the cuddy/greg coupling will barely hold for another episode before it shatters.

  3. Yep. I'm fully expecting House to wake up alone on his bathroom floor in next season's opener. Gah.


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