Wednesday, May 12

My own tweet of the day

It is utterly amazing what a man can say to a woman in just two words. Observe: Ben Politico says my tweet was "kind of" inspired.

There is a vast difference between

"That was kind of inspired."


"Inspired, Bluegal." or more to the point, "That was inspired, babe." Using language in that way, directly and without qualification, shows you have confidence in your OWN mental and therefore sexual cred.

I've run across the "kind of" type many many times. They're not at ease with themselves, particularly intellectually, and they are attracted to, yet terrified of, smart women.

In his choice of "kind of" Ben is actually saying, "Please, Blue Gal, don't turn that wit directly on me, I do not have the cranial cahones to parry your thrust. Plus, if I tried and inevitably failed, I might get fired."

Ben honey I'm the kind of ball-busting dame who only uses her power for a good laugh. You're lucky. xo


  1. Either that or it means he is so self absorbed that he really only "kind of" cares what ya think. By kind of cares I mean to the point where a C list journalmalist might get a post from an A list Blogger mentioning him in it.

  2. That was inspired, babe. ;-)

  3. Hah!

    Surely Big Ben (as he undoubtedly thinks of himself) assumed you'd be tickled pink and wriggle all over from that back-handed pat on the head. Whatever is he going to think, now he's drawn back a bloody stump? Maybe he'll never damn you with faint twitter praise again, and what a loss that would be.

    A-double-plus on yours though. Politico is where journalism whores go to die.

  4. StonyPillow7:31 PM

    Crush 'em. You know you want to.

  5. I had to read Ben Smith's NY politics blog pre-Politico. It was full of errors and just shit. I knew exactly what to expect from Politico when he was one of their first hires.

  6. Hmm. My first impression was it was neat he wrote you a compliment for an on-target slam of his organization. (The beginnings of self-awareness often start with a sense of humor...) Yeah, he uses a qualifier, but I was less sure why. I don't read him all the time, so I don't know his normal style. Some people trend toward understatement, some toward overstatement, and personality, culture and familiarity can shape those. All that said, I haven't faced that "type" from your perspective "many, many times"... Anyway, good quip – inspired – badass.

  7. That's what I'd call a grudging acknowledgment of your wit, my dear.

    Grudging, in this case, is spelled k-i-n-d-o-f.

    (Me, I have no problem saying you were funny, because you were, and you are.)


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