Wednesday, May 19

A little shake-up inside the Beltway.

[click image for larger] Yep, the media now officially thinks we're all as stupid as teabaggers, calling Congressman Sestak a "Washington outsider." That's only in terms of Andrea Mitchell's dinner parties. Sure, Sestak campaigned that way, and good for him they let him get away with it. Still, I blame the Georgetown party circuit for that, full-on.

PS Am I the only one who noticed during the MSNBC coverage of the Specter loss, that Mrs. Greenspan looked like her favorite uncle had died?

That's Andrea Mitchell of the Philadelphia, U of Penn Mitchells.


  1. Thanks for the notice.

    I could not fucking believe they let her be the lead reporter on that race.

    As if she's some kind of unbiased source.


    I kept yelling "MRS. ALAN GREENSPAN!!!!" at the TV.

    And I've not been well lately already.


  2. They deserve each other. Talk about bumping uglies. Ugly, nasty people.

  3. Having come form western PA I can believe this attitude. If you aren't from this area your pretty much toast. Having said this and lived in NW indiana for 9 years and moving to Eastern Ohio I find these idiots attitude unacceptable. If this woman had a brain she would be ron paul.


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