Tuesday, May 11

Mother's Day Treat

For Mother's Day I went to my 7yo's school for "tea." One activity we did was a kind of "Newlywed Game" page where the child fills out answers to questions about Mom, and Mom writes on her sheet what she THINKS the child will say.

My daughter guessed that my eyes are blue. Hilarious.

But on the other hand, one of the fill-ins was:

My mommy [blanks] better than anyone else I know. [Get your heads out of the gutter; it's not that Newlywed Game-ish].

I thought she would write: "knits."

She wrote: "blogs."

I love her. *sniff* The End.


  1. That's truly lovely!

    Sounds like your daughter is as observant as her Mama.

    Happy (belated--what else is new?) Mother's Day, Blue Gal.


  2. At least she didn't answer 'in the blog' when asked where the strangest place Mommy had...well, you know.


  3. The kid knows you. Happy Belated Mother's Day.

  4. She gets it. And I'm not surprised.g


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