Monday, May 3

Today's Morning Joe with special guest Peggy Noonan, is brought to you by Starbucks Kahlua.

And it ain't just for COCKTAILS anymore! I am actually rather surprised Janet Napolitano, who, let's face it, is kind of full-bore "The Anti-Noonington" didn't just bust out laughing.

Shorter Noonan*: People get so agitated about that "reform" word, so why don't we just Seal the Border! With, you know, caulk or something? Come to think of it, I know a terrific Mexican plumber who fixed the frosted glass shower doors at my Co-Op for next to nothing!

Shorter Napolitano*: Why don't you try Betty Ford again?

But seriously, if nothing else, Noonington is drunk on her own debutante-ness, which, not ironically, completely loses its charm outside the Mendocino Wine Bar.

h/t Heather for the tip.

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  1. i watch todays version of Morning Sickness brewed by Stomach Acid

    Noonington was in rare form - i really think that woman has some sort of mental defect.

    and has does someone who went to Fairleigh Dickinson gets such a haughty accent

    we used to call FDU either Fairleigh Ridiculous or 13th grade.

    i know - what a snob i am

  2. I just watched the "interview" from the Morning Joe link. They really don't have anything to say, but they sure do seem to enjoy hearing themselves talk. I was happy to watch Secretary Napolitano take charge of the answer to the babbling idiot Noonan's question, and not break out laughing. Scarborough's desk-pounding was an additional nice touch.


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