Friday, May 7

Is the GOP still sending out fake Census fundraisers?

Because I received this one TODAY:

census 1

Click the image for larger; the rest of the mailing is in this Flickr set.

I love it they sent it to me because of my "steadfast commitment to the Republican Party." Really. And the questions on it are typical:

One right after the other without apology. What douchebags.


  1. I would consider that lovely letter to be "Exhibit A", call around, file official complaints of this being a kind of false advertising- maybe they can be fined for making this kind of mock Census form?

    Don't ya just love the loaded questions?

    You wish you could answer that lower taxes question with a:

    I want Congress to raise taxes for the wealthy, including all of congress that take annual/automatic raises.

    Call the DNC & see if they have a lawyer already working on this.

    Because of your high level of political involvement, and steadfast commitment to the Republican party, of course!

  2. Fran: I also want the rich to pay their fair share in taxes.


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