Monday, January 8

Koufax nominations are open.

There's an interesting new category, too:

Best Consonant Level Blog

This is a new category, overwhelmingly supported in the new category poll...It seeks to recognize those moderate-sized blogs which have not yet, or perhaps are happy not to, reach the ranks of the "A-listers". Everyone has their own favorite due to content, wit or ambience, or even the esprit des corps of the comments section. So who is your "go to" moderate-sized blog?

I have no idea why I mentioned that. (snark)

Go vote for your favorites.


  1. Full Disclosure: Here's who I nominated:

    Best Blog: Crooks and Liars
    Best Blog -- Pro Division: Huffington Post
    Best Blog Community: Shakespeare’s Sister
    Best Writing: Driftglass
    Best Post: Blue Gal, “Propaganda Isn’t All Bad”
    Best Series: Tips for Political Bloggers,
    Best Single Issue Blog: Daily Darfur,
    Best Group Blog: Shakespeare’s Sister
    Most Humorous Blog: Princess SparklePony’s Photo Blog,
    Most Humorous Post: Blue Gal, Are some topics inappropriate for blogging?
    Most Deserving of Wider Recognition: Media Needle
    Best Consonant Level Blog: Blue Gal
    Best Expert Blog: Pharyngula
    Best New Blog: Konagod
    Best Human Equality Blog: Daily Darfur
    Best Coverage of State or Local Issues: Birmingham Blues (Alabama)
    Best Commenter: Quaker Dave

    Also for best group blog, The Aristocrats, and best series, Zappadan.

  2. Anonymous4:51 PM

    "Best Consonant Level Blog."

    Does this mean I have to buy a vowel?

    Thanks for the kind thoughts and stuff. I am touched.

  3. Just saw this post, BG, spot on. I put together my list last night (need to add links before posting), and that is the category I had you slotted for.

  4. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I am nothing if not obedient, Blue Gal.



  5. (see above) me, too!



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