Monday, June 30

Blue Gal Vlog 6/30 - The McCain/Internet/age thing

Blue Gal points out that McCain's lack of internet savvy has nothing to do with his age. (3 minutes)

Sandy at the Aristocrats has more to say on the McCain/internet thing.

You can explore my dad's studio/gallery and see samples of his work here. Not to brag, but my Mom has some work there, too.

Salon tonight and there will be no salons in July. I'm traveling for much of the month.

Update: Dad left me a skype voicemail (yeah I know he's totally into Skype, not bad for 72) and said it's not a laserjet it's an inkjet printer and I should be sure to plug some computer thingy called "Adobe Photoshop." You got it, Dad. :)


  1. truly cool art!

    have a great time traveling!

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Have fun :)
    McCain and his blackberry reminds me of my dad...he's one of those older guys who think they're very savvy and knowledgeable about computers and the internet but soooo aren't. :)

  3. i'm 72, and i don't claim to be very savvy about much of anything. i use a linux os, though, and i get along w/it just fine, so much so that i've about forgotten how to write in cursive. enjoyed the peek at your dad's work, bluegal. take it easy out there this week, and dooooooo be keerful.

  4. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Love the glasses! you're the bomb!

  5. 'Why, BG, with your glasses on you're beautiful'


    My father, confirmed Luddite that he was, struggled manfully with the digital age - even attempting to breach our respective decades-long solitudes by attempts at communicating with me on matters of best 'How to...?' in matters involving computers and the Internet.

    Stop sending your unfactotums out and get it together, McCain...even 90 y.o.'s can run this shizzle now.

  6. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Wow, your folks are really talented.

  7. Anonymous9:43 PM

    You're not self-conscious about the glasses, BG? You look fine in them.

    My dad's also older than McSaim by a bit, and does just fine with a Windows PC.

  8. ps the glasses are lovely.


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