Tuesday, June 24

Found Art. Twenty Cents. At the Thrift.

"he just had a bad crying spell. Allie and Nan were here. I don't why he cried."

I love finding stuff with a story attached. I would have paid 20 cents for the card even without the needles.

And yeah, there was once a world where you could buy knitting needles at JC Penney.


  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    That is so cool. I love vintage things, but the handwritten note adds a wonderful dimension to it.

  2. This is actually really sad. I felt some degree of remorse for the imagined situation reading the message, but was also very curious as to what the circumstances were that brought on this hastily written note. I thought for several moments as to why someone would write this kind of mote on a package. I never did think of a satisfactory explanation.

    On the other hand, I could use some circular knitting needles to navigate some of more treacherous political arguments that seem to come up during the campaign season!

  3. i saw it as an old man at a nursing home or hospital, with visitors. ahh, this story has all the openness of a poem.

    we used to have a penny's right downtown, in a wonderful old two-storey bldg with creaky wooden floors. better bargains than walmart, and durable goods too. sigh.

  4. Maybe if joo stopped poking him with the needle, he wouldn't cry so much, eh?



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