Friday, June 20

Liberal is just another word for smartypants...

Some clever responses to some not-too-kind propaganda coming from the other side...

Search "Obama" at Cafepress to find more.


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I already have that second one. Should earn me a lot of extended single digits on the rad this summer...

  2. Anonymous7:32 AM

    *road*, not rad.

    Too early for this, I guess.

  3. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Speaking of Cafe Express, last night at drink liberally, I was talking to some members about the get-together for the Sierra Club today.

    I said we should have shirts that say "Earth, Love it or Leave it".

    Sure enough cafe express had some.

    Maybe I'll get the thong, anybody know a good lawyer?

  4. Gee I wish I hadn't clicked that Obama CafePress link. This is what came up at the top as a featured product.


  5. BAC:

    OH GAWD!

    As my mother says:

    Some people have no class.

  6. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Those are fantastic, though the humor-challenged will have trouble comprehending them.

  7. BG in fairness to Obama, the site also seemed to include some anti-Obama products. That seemed odd to me. Guess whoever set it up is playing both sides of the fence!



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