Tuesday, June 24

File under....

Those who actually wish to live the soap opera lifestyle? Please, please, keep your personal drama off the blog as much as possible. Or, as Morse said at Salon last night, "What a fucking idiot."

From Fabulously Jinxed comes "Dramatic Internet Happening #1". FJ wisely changed the names to protect, um, whomever, and the emphasis below is mine:

Some dude (some of you know who) met some chick via the blogodrama. Dude was married to another woman. Dude met chick at a blog meetup. Dude and chick fell “madly” in love. Dude left wife to go live with chick in another state. Dude and chick broadcast their love affair on their blogs and all their blog buds are all happy for them. Anyway, Dude and chick are lovey-dovey in their new home they just bought in this other state. On the 10th Dude and chick decide to go back to Dude’s home state to take care of business. On the 11th Dude announces on his blog that he and his wife are back together and he’s taking a break. Chick makes no such announcement on her blog. There is no further explanation.

Shit fire, their blog friends are going nuts! One side is all “I’m on your side as long as you're happy”…blah blah blah. The other side is “You dick! How could you do that to
us?” And me? I’m like “That’s some soap opera shit right there.”

You had me saying "what a fucking idiot" at the "broadcast and bought a house" part. You know, in school there were always kids who were bad in order to get attention. But bad blogging? Trust me, I never read the blogs involved but that's some soap opera shit bad blogging right there.

But then again back in school, I was (and am) the good girl who didn't need attention, except of course that I do. But this kind of attention? I think posting disembodied panties works so much better, and they're just bad enough, doncha know.

[Allow me to take this opportunity to thank the blog friends who, at no time during the past year, have said to me, not even once, "I’m on your side as long as you're happy." Of course, I wasn't buying a house with a married Kossack.

Nevertheless, my friends, you have no idea how much that lack of insincerity means to me.]


  1. I couldn't agree more. The best way to deal with these people is to just ignore them. Comments or attention fuel their drama.

  2. I'm on your side as long as you don't fuck with me.

  3. I’m on your side as long as you're happy!

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    I guess I'm even more uneasy with the kind of voyeurism that would follow such a blog than I am with the poor decision making of such a blogger.

  4. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Did I miss something? I though you lived a fairy tale life.

    You coughed up that apple yourself, so everything will be fine.

    Those prince charming types are so over rated


  5. Anonymous11:39 AM

    when the hell did soap opera weekly become a rock critics' rag?

  6. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I was more than a little fascinated with said blogdrama in a purely rubbernecking way. I forget how I happened on those two blogs, but man!

    At any rate, you'll be happy to know that Dude actually dumped Chick off at a car rental place in Florida and told her good luck. What? You really didn't want to know? Well, crap...

    Neither did I, but some idiot read my post and decided to use my contact form.


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