Tuesday, June 17

Dear MSNBC Executives: I volunteer...

[Love and kisses to the beautiful people coming from Crooks and Liars. Love on ya, Mike honey. xxx]

Dear MSNBC Executives:

I hereby volunteer to sit under the desk of Chris Matthews with a rubber mallet and hammer his foot hard every time he says the word "women."

Media Matters:

On the June 11 edition of Hardball, discussing an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released that day, Matthews referred to Sen. John McCain's six-percentage-point advantage over Sen. Barack Obama among suburban white women (the poll found an Obama lead among women overall, 52-33 percent), and asserted, "[W]omen are low-hanging fruit, though, in the terms of politics. You can reach up and say, 'I'm pro-choice, he's not.' " He then added, "But you're playing for a close election. If you want to reach up for the higher, for the harder ones to reach, you can win big."

We read your shirt long ago, Tweety...


  1. hah! you do go gurl!

  2. I'm not one to jump on bandwagons, but I'll run along side this one.

    Just don't tell Tweety about the mallet. He'd be so thrilled to have you under his desk he'd be speechless. Which would self-correct the problem in no time.

    That 80% (kind) don't even know that they aren't getting useful information from teevee "NEWS" outlets scares the piss out of me every day.

  3. Indeed, one woman has been 'low hanging fruit'...For Tweety.


  4. rumor has it that he has political plans in his home state, which is also my home state!

    geeezzz, first we had santorum and soon this????

    he's been yakking about pennsylvania for months now as if he is the be all and end all of the state. our beloved native son, ick!

    actually, i'd be thrilled if just once, once, he would ask a question of his guests and then be quiet and let THEM answer.

  5. He's had his panties in a major wad today for some reason.

  6. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Now to be fair, I LIKE low hanging fruit :-)

  7. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I suggest aiming a little higher than his foot.

  8. I agree with Pissed in NYC....really...and today he was falling on over himself -again..supposedly he does have eyes on Arlen 's seat in Pa.....sorry to Pa Friends....

  9. I'm sorry, but I don't get it. Tweety--um, Matthews has his faults, but I really, really don't think he deserves the degree of hostility that he gets here, back at C&L (yes, I realize I'm a minority) and elsewhere. He is blunt, and you're right -- he probably never had a date in his life Until he married his wife. (But look at the plus side of this: he probably doesn't schlep around a la Eliot Spitzer.

    He's done good work. He (and David Shuster) did great reporting/commentary on the Plame affair. Enuf to rattle Cheney's chains a tad, which is more than a lot of other "journalists" can say.

    I watch the show nearly everyday. And yes, he can be annoying, and God knows he'll repeat a phrase he thinks is brilliant til he sucks every bit of life out of, but jeez, guys, from reading the vitriol here and elsewhere you'd think he was on par with Sean Hannity.

    Now there's a man whose long outlived his fifteen minutes...

    Note to Sherry. You could do worse than elect Matthews.

  10. Rumpled, from your ahem, screenname I take it you're male. I'm not going to throw the 'you just don't get it' line at you, but I will say that I consider myself to be a woman with an extremely high tolerance for sexist bullshit (in that it takes a lot to make me mad rather than dismissive) and Matthews really spills over the levy for me.

  11. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Point well taken; in fact, I'll hammer it home: I was watching the day he said to the bewildered CNBC "money bunny" to "come closer to the camera" before telling her how beautiful she was. Totally unprofessional...and 100% Matthews. It seems a day doesn't go by that he says something slightly off the wall...or worse.

    But...there's something about his enthusiasm for politics that -- to me at least -- comes across as sincere. And that seems to be a rare thing in the TV media.

    Sorry for "Anonymous -- can't sign in (!!!)

  12. and how about when he told Elizabeth Edwards HOW he loved her smile ? or the episode where he fawned all over Annie-Can;t write-Coulter on his show....
    he has not a clue who how to act around women- much less interview them....

    and RF mentions HOW he assisted and did a great job with the Plamgate situation....that is not really true...and how many times did he interview Valerie Plame ? ( jus saying...)

  13. What about Chris Matthews? I always thought that he was a low hanging fruit, in a back-of-the-closet sort of way.


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