Monday, July 19

In Other Sarah Palin News (Photoshop CHALLENGE)

Oh jeez, turns out Christian publisher Zondervan is postponing the Sarah Palin biography for children indefinitely. I wonder why?

Click on this image for larger:

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  1. Kevin Holsinger5:43 PM

    Good evening, Blue Gal.

    Be years before I've got your skills on this matter, but here's my offering.

    You know what a "Mary Sue" is, yes? Not sure how many people are going to get that reference.

  2. Yes I think I read that Mary Sue thing on your twitter stream.

    Mary Sue - an idealized character standing in for the author; people accuse Bella in the Twilight Series of being a Mary Sue.

  3. LOVE, love, love these, Blue Gal. You are so good (I know how difficult it is to do photoshop well--I'm mightily impressed.)

    Of course, I love the second one. Heh!

    Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot. Really.


  4. Outstanding, BG!

    Why don't we run you for President?


    P.S. You and Dg?

    Now that would be a proper ticket!

  5. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Little Sarah's Trip to Russia.


    Little Sarah woke up that sunny Alaska morning so excited. Today....she was going to Russia! She rushed to change out of her GBecky jammies and into her black polyester leisure domanatrix suit. She wanted to look nice for the trip today. Bypassing breakfast, to keep her pert little cheerleader figure trim, she ran breathlessly out the front door to her front porch. "Oh my oh my!" she exclaimed. "I see it right over there!" Stepping down the stairs and running across the yard.......she....... arrived! There she was.......Russia! "Golly!" "I just can't wait until I can tell all the kids down at the Wingnut Christian School about how I met Mr. Putin today and became an expert on world affairs!"

    The End

    In our next thrilling episode...."Little Sarah Becomes the Guvernator!

    (nudge wink you betcha)

  6. Anonymous9:03 AM

    How about...

    "The Little Engine that Quit"

  7. I liked the suggestion of "The Little Engine That Quit," so I took a crack at it here.

    There's a gallery of "Little Golden Books" here if anyone is looking for inspiration.

  8. ...turns out Christian publisher Zondervan is postponing the Sarah Palin biography for children indefinitely. ....

    In other news ... there was a Sarah Palin biography for children??! Are you kidding me??!


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