Tuesday, July 6

Limbaugh: "If Obama Weren't Black He'd Be a Tour Guide in Honolulu"

...says Rush Limbaugh. And if Rush Limbaugh weren't White, absolutely nothing would change.

Except Michael Steele would be among the 99 percenters.


  1. The dittoheads will reflexively declare this is R. Limbaugh being non-racist and that liberals are stupid and R. Limbaugh's brilliant.

  2. If Barack Obama wasn't black, Limbaugh would barely have anything to talk about...

  3. Well honestly, I would take being a tour guide over being a fat ass, loud-mouth, nitwit whore for corporate America, any day. Just sayin.

  4. Incidentally, I am posting this on my blog...it needs spreading around. Hope you don't mind.


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