Wednesday, July 14

One for @KathyGriffin

always the bridesmaid

Because she's one of my faves and I actually think she helped Levi grow the fuck up a bit in the past year. Plus give him some income. And now he can piss off his mother in law for the rest of his life.

It's all good.... Except for the cake.

found at The Wedding Police.

Yes I'm asking for patrons of the art to contribute to me on my website this week. Which is kind of like searching for "Jesus" on Google Blogsearch. Oh wait, no it isn't.


  1. Great photo. God, I hope Kathy is invited to the wedding.

  2. You don't really believe he's matured in any way, do you? I figure he burned through his Playgirl money, and his publicist told him that getting married to whatshername would get him a reality TV show.

    Besides, if he gets back in Sarah's good graces, he can ride her money train.

  3. Bristol's tired of being a poster-girl for recycled abstinence.


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