Monday, February 20

Back from Pittsburgh


Blue Gal dragged her three kids up to Pittsburgh this long weekend to celebrate (and surprise) her dad on the occasion of his 70th birthday. He does not look it, kids. It was wonderful to watch him tear up over the view of his three daughters and five grandkids, all in the same room, which should also be mentioned, was at Max's Allegheny Tavern on the North Side. The potato pancake reuben rocks, folks.

While there, I froze my butt to meet Eli and Spork. Well worth it. Fellow bloggers, if you get a chance to meet other bloggers face to face, do it. Thanks, boys, I enjoyed meeting you and actually talking blogging with guys who do it well.

Travel tip: there is not a bar at the Priory. You have been warned.


  1. Glad you had such a great weekend!

  2. Welcome home, BG. I missed you! As much as I love you, I reserve judgement on something called a potato pancake reuben. Of course, that my have more to do with my mother's version of potato pancakes than any real rendition - with sauerkraut or without.

  3. What a nice surprise for your dad! He must have been so happy to see you and the kids.

  4. Oh AL these pancakes are like buttah.

  5. Happy Birthday to your father!

  6. What a treat for all of you! Happy birthday to your dad -- and many more.

  7. Hi Blue Gal,

    Welcome back. I'm glad you have enjoyed your entire hiatus. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

    Potato Reubens I can't imagine. Plain Reubens I do imagine whenever the husband makes a low fat version for my MSed and Diabetic body.;)

    I have an url which a blogger friend gave me. I don't know if you would want it posted without seeing it first. If you want it, I'll email it so you can 'vet it before you post it. It's funny, but for adults. It does, however involve hand crocheted items.;)


  8. Now, for some reason, I'm thinking of Swedish pancakes with lingonberry butter. Mmmmm.

    Welcome back ;)

  9. wish we could have met while you were here. don't get out much, but it would have been a hoot i think!


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