Thursday, February 2

Democracy, hypocrisy.

this one from Rox Populi

Tom Delay holds George Soros personally responsible for his troubles. Waah! (hat tip to the always wonderful Agitprop.) I'm just a little pissed off. Anybody who profits, works for, or gets sucked up to by Fox News or any other organization owned by Rupert Murdoch needs to stfu about George Soros. You're hypocrites.

Next time you're browsing Netflix, rent Outfoxed.

And while I've told my husband I'm not giving him any more children, Keith Olbermann, my ovaries are still available for you! The biological clock sure is ticking though, better hurry...


  1. I am torn between the calls for Soros to Purchase/create an alternate NEWS venue to protect at least some outlet for *truth* to shine.

    and the idea that WHY couldn't he make investments in businesses to get cars and such more energy efficient. If Brazil and other places can do this ...we can if we had HELP our governement won't provide.


  2. It seems to me that in the so-called liberal networks like CNN and CBS, there is at least some desire to keep bias at a minimum.

    One of my friends jokingly says that the media is liberally biases, but perhaps she's not far off the truth. The media reflects who we are, and I would still wager to believe that this country is only moderately conservative and still shaped by the "liberal" policies of the '60s and '70s.

    I enjoy Air America, but it's because I often enjoy a bit of preaching to the choir. But at least Air America makes no pretense to be objective.

    It pisses me off that FOX can bill itself as "fair and balanced".

    But whatever, this whole comment has been nothing more than preaching to the choir...

  3. Well the *claim* that the MSM is biased "liberal" is a canard of the righties.

    There is Stanford study(2004) that concludes people can be influenced by their personal leanings...a separate study of Actual Journalists found that:

    • On select issues from corporate power and trade to Social Security and Medicare to health care and taxes, journalists are actually more conservative than the general public.

    • Journalists are mostly centrist in their political orientation.

    • The minority of journalists who do not identify with the "center" are more likely to identify with the "right" when it comes to economic issues and to identify with the "left" when it comes to social issues.

    • Journalists report that "business-oriented news outlets" and "major daily newspapers" provide the highest quality coverage of economic policy issues, while "broadcast network TV news" and "cable news services" provide the worst.

    Taking the Stanford Article Premise as TRUE would say that when you factor in the actual policy views of actual journalists which What you get is that those biases are:

    That Journalists are:

    Conservatively biased on SOC SEC, Corporate Power, Medicare, Health care and Taxes, Economic policy, Business oriented policies,

    Journalists are Centristly Biased on Politics

    Journalists are Liberally Biased on Social issues.

    Hardly an overarching "liberal bias" in the MSM as a group - except on some social issues.

  4. Are you sure you've got the right blog, Karen McL? You seem way to smart for this group (grin)

    Love on ya, Karen. Brilliant women always welcome here.

    And you may think you've slammed Comrade but trust me, you're turning him on. (very big grin)

  5. I just wanted to comment on the church picture. I love it.

    After Tom Delay gets slapped could we send Jesus over to Halliburton and ask him to clear them out the way he cleared the money lenders out of the Temple?

    I'd sure like to see that. But then Halliburton would try to charge him to rebuild the temple and things could get really ugly, so maybe not.

    We'll ask him to slap Karl Rove instead.


  6. I wish someone would slam me like that more often.


    Anyway, yeah...WHY DOESN'T that bit of extremely helpful information ever get reported?

  7. *sniff*
    I thought you'd promised me your ovaries, blue gal :(

    Oh, well. I kinda look like Olbermann. We can always tell people the kids are mine.

  8. Douglas, honey, when you build that compound in Utah...I get my own house, baaaby.

  9. "Are you sure you've got the right blog, Karen McL? You seem way to smart for this group (grin)

    Love on ya, Karen. Brilliant women always welcome here."

    Way too smart? Hmmm... Flattery WILL get you EVERYWHERE in my book!!


    I only *cop* to being moderately Insane - but not CRAZEEEEEE!

    (Tho' I may have caught that Bloggie *virus* - where lack of blogging can cause chills, fevers and faints with delusions of Supreme Powers - I think Giblets has it TOO!)

    And - Jest setting the record *straight* on my FAV MSM media. Hahhahahaha!


  10. "Outfoxed" is a seriously depressing movie, but it should be required viewing for everyone who thinks Faux News is fair and balanced.

    And that church sign? Rockin'!


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