Tuesday, February 21

More from Pittsburgh


Thanks to Spork I find out that Dad's latest gallery show is online. Dad is too modest, I suppose, to let me know of such things.

Spork also has a lovely photo of Rick Santorum's mansion (who paid for THAT?) with a link to the floor plan. Man, what the internet cannot do.

Speaking of politicians we need to kick outta office, did anybody else notice that Rush Limbaugh said yesterday that the only Democrat he trusted was...Joe Lieberman? Excuse me while I bang my head against a brick wall to get that "endorsement" outta my brain.

By now you all know to buy your gas from Citgo, right?


  1. Jo-mentum isn't even a Democrat. He's a Republican mole.

    Listening to or reading Rush is bad for your health. Put him down and back away slowly.

  2. Rush's endorsement and eight and a half bucks will get Joementum a cup of Joe at Starbucks.

  3. That can only mean that Lieberman was Limbaughs Oxycontin connection.

  4. Can't generate intelligent political banter.


    Panties . . .

  5. New suggestion.

    I propose that all politicans serve should serve for a MAXIMUM of eighteen months...just long enough before they succomb to corruption and the Abramoff's of the world.

    Then they are swept out and replaced with new faces.

    In reality, however, I almost don't mind it so badly when we have either a Republican president and a Democratic congress or a Democratic congress and Republican president.

    To me, that serves as an effective method of checks and balances between the legislative and executive.

    However, right now scares me for obvious reasons.

    The GOP has had control for a while now...and they've gotten corrupt. The Dems got corrupt for all the same reasons.

    It's never ever as simple as the party line.

  6. Comrade, you are becoming a neo-con before my very eyes!

    not that there's anything wrong with that...

  7. I'm just frustrated.

    It just doesn't seem like anything is helping. I'm scared to death of the prospect of more years of Republican control, and am terrified that the left has not more effectively unified together.

    You know what my fears are, BlueGal. "Wrong" has become whatever makes me uncomfortable and "right" is whatever I agree with.

    There's no compromise anymore. My activist friends can't agree on a name to call themeselves, must less a plan to unify together to any sort of progress.

    We HAVE to have some sort of assimilation...and if that means someone must be "right" and must be "wrong", then so be it.

    Democracy is called I-don't-get everything-I-want-and-you-don't-get-everything-you-want BUT.. we end-up-making-something-better... even-though-neither-of-us-realizes-it-at-first because

    we are taking the strongest arguments from both the right and the left.

    The right has, up to this point, built solid coalitions. The left can't even decide on what time to hold a meeting.

    Someone's got to lead and someone's got to follow. And ya know what, as much as I hate to compromise in my own life, I know that I've got to. We can't keep catering to every single fucking minority group that sticks up his/her/zir/zim hand and asked to be recognized as such. That's counterproductive and decreases our unity. PC has gone too far and needs to be reigned in, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

    You know what I propose we do...if we are so fucking committed to this premise of having our own unique, individual way of whatever we are be sacrosant...why don't we each display a sticker in the inside of our car window that shows, quite graphically, a picture of our parents' fucking!

    Sure would make us vulnerable and make us realize that we're all in this together and that we ain't all that different from one another to begin with anyway...no matter how much we'd love to believe we are!

    rant off.


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