Thursday, February 23

Links for Thursday

impeach panties
order yours here, though I like Bob Harris's design better.
He just doesn't have panties.

sp3ccylad has a new song up, and I really like it. sp3ccylad may hate me for this, but it sounds to me like he's channelling Beck but at the same time Beck is eating his heart out.

Ya know something's been bothering Blue Gal all week: the Cheney/Hume thang. Which one got the free blowjob? Scats at American Coprophagia has the answer.

I love Rob's advice for the Christian woman.

Go vote for the "the 2006 Craaaziest Christian of the Year™." I'll wait.

In the meantime, my vote for best web redesign (apart from hall of famer Walnut) goes to Smart Patrol. Love the flying pigs.


  1. purty funny blog. keep up the good work.

  2. Love the flying pigs.

    Heh. Thanks, gorgeous!

  3. The panties are nice for this slogan since they imply the Bush name. A coffee mug just doesn't get the message across the way a good pair of panties does.

    Of course, panties don't do well with piping hot coffee.. but that's not the point.

  4. I am only commenting because I don't want to support terrorism, and I only came here because I saw you commenting on Useless Advice from Useless Men. It's unfair. I feel like I've been tricked.

  5. Just bought me an Impeach tee-shirt & sent you a $5 gift certificate, Blue Gal. (Hopefully you'll still get it, even if you are a longtime customer of CafePress.)

    One of these days, I'll have to set up my very own CafePress line of merchandise ;)

  6. When did you take that picture of my panties?
    Craziest Christian, too funny!


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