Wednesday, February 1

An Iraqi mother's prayer for Jill Carroll

This is too touching to let pass. From The Christian Science Monitor (Jill Carroll's newspaper).

The mother of one of five Iraqi female detainees released [last] Thursday expressed confidence that American journalist Jill Carroll will be released soon.

"She'll be fine and she will come out very soon because she loves Iraq and she loves Iraqis, so God will never forget her," says Siham Faraj, the mother of Hala Khalid Wahid who was detained by US forces in Iraq four months ago.

But she added, "I don't think Jill Carroll's situation has anything to do with the release of my daughter, but we definitely feel her pain....

"And to her mother, I say: I know how painful it is when a daughter is detained. But don't worry, madam. Your daughter is a great woman and she will be fine."


  1. I sure hope she's right.

  2. Ah, you must check the updates as often as I do. Good to know I'm not the only one. :-) Not sure why this story has caught my attention the way it has.

  3. Actually, I have a daily RSS feed on updates, I just don't blog about her every day. I don't think daily blogging will accomplish more than the Monitor is doing with their updates.

    It is important to stay informed, keep praying, but not get caught up in (or create) a soap opera of human drama. Staying calm in the storm is what is needed most, in my very humble opinion.

  4. I'm checking the updates as well, and continuing to pray for Jill, her family, and her kidnappers.

    Thanks for stopping by my place again, Blue Gal. I rather suspected you were a Christian from some of the stuff you posted here about feeling led to meditate on the 23rd Psalm for Jill.

    I'm not quite sure where I fit in in the grand political scheme of things yet, but I do appreciate your blog [which I found through Balls and Walnuts, by the way].

    I guess you could call me a 'Recovering Republican.' I'm investigating the other side of political chasm, instead of taking 'their' word for it, and I'm finding out that a lot of what I've believed for so long is not exactly truth. But I'm trying, and I want to understand people instead of making blanket assumptions about them.

    It's not the easy way, but it's better.

    Anyway, I'm here, and reading regularly, and I just thought I'd say 'hi.'


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