Friday, February 24

A Reminder: She's still a hostage


For a moment, just a moment, stop thinking about our gun happy vice (literal and not), portgate, Plamegate, and what's for dinner. For a moment, hold her in your heart.

Her captors have apparently stated they want this to end by this Sunday. Let us pray that means her release with a minimum of drama, even if that does not meet the needs of the 24 hour news cycle, no apologies whatsoever to Wolf Blitzer.

Updates, including the Iraqi public service announcement calling for her release, are available at the website of her own newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor.


  1. You go, Gal. Thanks for the reminder for everyone. And still we pray.

  2. yes, we still pray.

  3. Thanks BlueGirl- this is really good work. You have to keep it in the news or people will forget.
    (Just saw your comment on my blog from a few months ago- sorry I never responded but I didn't see it!)

  4. I'm praying she'll be safe at home soon.

  5. Here's hoping that she has a safe and quick release. This has gone on for far too long. With that said, it shouldn't have gone on at all.

  6. Thanks for the reminder, Blue Gal. I'm still praying for her.

    And for peace.

  7. I am hoping they realize that the political *bad-karma* from killing her at this point outweighs the marginal benefits of killing another infidel-foreigner.

    But I just hope they are treating her well and not as a mere comodity they hope to trade for a goal.

    Oh.. and as an aside - Skippy threw you a nice bloggie link - HERE. So expect a hit-counter extravaganza (again).


  8. I know, Skippy's a doll and I'm a Technorati whore. I sent him a thanx in comments.

    I really am trying to pray this weekend. Not because it will change world events, but as CS Lewis says, because it changes me.

  9. Yes, the trivial can get so distracting and thank you for this reminder Blue Gal. I will be praying too this weekend.


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