Tuesday, February 14

My funny Valentine...


Oh, Scotty. Well, since Threadingwater stole my panties (joke), I get to steal her post for today, and link to Scotty McClellan's Press interrogation regarding Vice, who, in case you haven't heard, finally just went out and shot somebody. About time, too. As usual, Borowitz nails it.

I don't love AL as much in person as I do in her blog. I love her more. Way more. Brace yer budget, girlfriend. This is now an ANNUAL event. And Akabini too was her usual wonderful self, even without the champagne and chocolate. She's just the kind that brings the champagne and chocolate, along with the fabulous "we are not allowed to talk about husbands, this weekend is about US" rule. Now how fabulous is THAT? Tacoma was great, the knitting olympics sweater is great...back almost done. Go Team Wales!!!

A little blogorama housecleaning. Little Green Fascists is added to the blogroll, with hopes they can post more often than CFAV. And there's a new url and title for QuakerDave. He's the Quaker Agitator once again.

But now I have to go re-attach the toilet to the floor. No, I am not making this up. Two year olds will flush wipes and clog it all while only Daddy is there to "watch" ahem. Welcome home, Mommy!

UPDATE: So I'm re-attaching the toilet to the floor and giving it a test flush and it starts overflowing and I can't get the wet-dry vac turned on in time and just then I think, "You know, if Yarn Harlot could see me now she would be eating her ever fun-so-loving heart out." Some trips just change your life forever.

And happy Valentine's Day, lovies. xoxo



  1. Hmm I need a license plate like that!


    (Course mine would be different - name, color, state...but I'm not picky or nuttin - *teehee*)

    *silly grin*

  2. I see our husbands have similar parenting philosophies...

    I'm the toilet repairperson at our house too. Glad you had a fun trip, even if you had to come home to plumbing problems.


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