Saturday, October 7

Blue Gal on assignment...

Posting here at Blue Gal and the Aristocrats may be light for the next four days.

I'm on assignment over at another blog called Crooks and Liars. (You may have heard of it.) One of the blogosphere's more studly members (his dexterity spans the timezones, trust me), Mike of the Blog Round Up, is taking a well-deserved vacation and has left me the tremendous honor of doing the round-up in his stead.

Yeah, yeah. I know what you're asking. "Who did she hafta 'instant message' to get THAT gig?!?" I may be out of my league, but John Amato owns that fine blog and will not let me go too far astray. For instance, I'm quite sure the following are verboten:

Which big name feminist bloggers also sell Mary Kay...
Round-up exclusive: Friday Cat Bloggers and the dawgs who love them...
C&L Bonus: free knitting patterns on the web!***
Mentos! Mentos! Mentos!

In all seriousness, I hope that regular C&L readers won't even notice I'm there. Regular readers to this blog are welcome to go completely batshit with glee. And please drop by over there for a visit and a comment. Thanks.

***Don't laugh. My second favorite google search after panties is knitting patterns.


  1. This.

    Best of luck: we'll see you over there.

  2. Can I be the second to congratulate you?


    I would recommend my current top post for Blue Gal's Blog Roundup, but I doubt the political blogosphere is as interested in my nads as I am.

  3. Sweet!

    Naturally, you visited my blog, like, five minutes before I actually posted something analytical (laboriously typed out on a smartphone, I might add)...

  4. (I *still* stand behind my Charlie The Unicorn post, however)

  5. There's nothing odd about combining knitting and politics!

    I knit Palestinian-flag-colored wristlets all the time...

  6. Sweet!!! I'll see you at C&L!

  7. Wowie!

    That's great!

    Looking forward to your *finds* in the Blog Round-Up category!


  8. Congrats,

    weazl says go grrrl. Ciao.

  9. Cool! Rest assured your loyal readers will be there in force! After your expert stewardship, C&L will be saying "Mike who?" :)

  10. I'm already there. reload, reload, reload . . .

    Will you be good? or evil?

    Don't forget. You have to EARN the "good" button back before January.

  11. I've been so busy this week I haven't been been to C&L since last weekend. I've gotta check out what you're up to over there!

  12. One been is plenty. :lol:

  13. Ah, m'BlogMate, thank'e fer th'link! I love ye precious mind!

  14. Huzzah and Woot! Woot!

    I always suspected the little crook in the corner was wearing women's panties!

  15. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Hey Blue Gal. Thanks for including the Station in your round up. Great choices all around. Honored.

  16. Blue Gal...

    Congrats on the C&L gig--well deserved.
    And thanks so much for the nod in the C&L round-up--I'm honored.I've just been trying to post a compilation of links to my more entertaing archive posts and technology is screwing me royally at the moment--it sort of works but it's bollocks. So I need to fix that before visiting your other honorees.\\Sorry I;ve been so absent--but sometimes why say something when someone else says it better?

    Many thanks, I'll be back

  17. Just now I googled "panties," because I wanted to do a thank-you dedication to you.

    I'm a richer person for that experience, and I suppose the Feds will be knocking on the door to Tengrain's Little Hut any moment now.


  18. Gregorio10:05 AM

    "I really do believe this," he says. "If more people knitted, the world would be a more peaceful place.",3604,1402029,00.html

    You don’t have to stick to politics or knitting, you can do both at once.

    Can you knit this one?

    There ain't no cowgirl nowheres that can round-up like our Blue Gal! C&G has made a wise choice. Congrats to you dawlin' and just keep a knittin' cuz those yahoos in Congress will soon be a quittin'!!!

  19. good job at Mike's. seamless.

  20. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Way to go, Blue Gal...

    Your second favorite search is knitting patterns? Wow! Mine, too! It sure is a small world afterall... :>P


  21. Oh no. Now I have to actually finish the damn thing. Wait till you see where Hastert stashes his Bacon grease.

    Thanks, Blue Gal!

  22. Hey,

    I just found you via Alicia-excellent for you! I'll be following along. Lots of cool knitting patterns at Knitters Review, in case you don't know. I am going to knit in a minute.

  23. Congrats!

    A well-deserved invitation, to be sure!

  24. Thanks for the shoutout :) Loved being part of a rainbow --

  25. CONGRATULATIONS on your Special job...I left you a note over on your Round Up there- I wanted to let you know that I have posted a KEITH OLBERMANN Roundup ( thanks C&L and YouTube)...please send Folks over- it is great to be able to Watch a good chunk of Keith- makes one feel sane and Hopeful again....
    Keep up your Great Work...


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