Friday, October 13

The GOP panties are out of the bottle!

I'm not just talking about the David Kuo book.

With a tip of something tasty to Steve O at Bring It On! and a hug around the neck to MF for bringing this to my attention, comes this lovely story...

In a breach of privacy, the Republican National Committee erroneously e-mailed a list that contained the names, races, and Social Security numbers of dozens of top Republican donors — and that identified two of the contributors as Muslim — to this [New York Sun] reporter.

In the course of preparing for a Washington fund-raiser on Friday headlined by President Bush, an RNC staffer, Dee Dee Lancaster, intended to e-mail a security list of confirmed guests to other event planners and the Secret Service. But Ms. Lancaster mistyped one of the addresses, and the e-mail wound up in the Gmail account of this reporter.

...The attached spreadsheet of 76 guests included category headings with Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and "race." The race of all but three were listed as "Caucasian." One was identified as "Asian," and the race of two others, Malik and Seeme Hasan, was listed as "Muslim."

The classification drew criticism from Mrs. Hasan, who founded a group called Muslims for Bush and who, along with her husband, has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican committees and candidates in recent years.

"The only word I can think of is not very nice," Mrs. Hasan said yesterday in a telephone interview from her home in Colorado.

Okay. Where do I begin?

Does anybody here need me to make a joke about Republican female staffers named Dee Dee? Didn't think so.

'Kay. Let's talk for a minute about Malik, Seeme, and "Muslims for Bush." How fortunate that all two of you have enough money to attend major league GOP fundraisers. Sumpin' tells me the other six gobzillion Muslims on the planet have better things to do with their money. Like change their religion into a "race." So they can be profiled for a fundraising party. I understand those Race the Muslim fundraising parties at Gitmo can get pretty rowdy.

Mrs. Hasan, "not very nice" is three words, not one. But since we now realize Republican women can't type or count, let me type for you and Dee Dee the name of one Republican I hope gets kicked out of office this fall: Rick Santorum, Dennis Hastert, and George Allen.

By the way Mrs. Hasan: thanks for all the money, and Dee Dee is really, really sorry about exposing you to possible identity theft. Plus now every Muslim in the world knows your name and that you give big money to you-know-who. Not to mention the Muslim thing, which as you say, is not very nice. (Hope your number's unlisted.)

UPDATE: OMG. I can't believe I fell down on the job and didn't google Muslims for Bush. Guess what? They're now called "Muslims for America." I guess the name change is to fix the little public relations problem "Muslims for Bush" was having outside the Green Zone. Good luck with that, Seeme. And if you need any clerical help, just send Dee Dee an email.

Off topic: David Kuo has started a blog over at Beliefnet, heavy on the Christian testimony. I've left a comment to try to point him to a higher calling. If you have something to say (and please, dammit, be respectful) it might make a difference in how this story plays out. I myself left him a long comment. Tell him BG sent you. And thanks.


  1. I think what she said was that the word she was thinking of was not very nice. Not that the word was actually "not very nice."

    Fuck it. That sounds just as confusing...

  2. As a short while ago, the first blog was replaced by a new back dated one about Justin Timberlake.

  3. always interested5:49 PM

    Far freaking out. I have hope, now, that the American administration's slippery slide into far rightdom (oh, I just hate to say facism) might now have slowed down, with the incompetence of some of their own, exposing the anti-Constitution antics they have been so involved in.

  4. The jokes just write themselves, Blue Gal. Muslims for Bush? Cubscouts for Foley? Weightwatchers for Hastert...

  5. Mickey Finn1:51 AM

    You're funny!


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