Thursday, October 12

Sometimes you feel like a...

According to Kuo, Karl Rove's office referred to evangelical leaders as 'the nuts.'

I'm just trying to figure out who disagrees with him.

It's said that Christians should stay unspotted from the world. Many of them, I'm sure, don't read a newspaper or watch anything other than FOX and consider themselves informed enough for Jesus Christ. But Christians are not unspotted if their heads are so seriously up their ass as to think Pat Robertson is sane. (There's a good anti-Robertson pro-Christian post here, btw.)

So I went looking at the right wing blogosphere to see how they were spinning this. Didn't find too much, not surprising. If this is only being reported by KO and C&L then the left-wing choir knows about it and that's all. Did find this one, tho:

What We Got Instead of Faith-Based Initiatives

...we got something better than faith-based charities from this administration.

Their names are Roberts and Alito.

They tried that Miers crap on us and that would have been more faith-based charities sunshine up the rump, but we didn’t lay down for it and we got a real justice appointed.

In short, I think we came out ahead.

This is at southernappeal dot org. Nope, no linky.

Yep, drives me nuts, too. They're Right, and they're right. But I wonder if any of the wingnut Christians realize that putting their faith in Alito (or Robertson, or Bush) as a stand-in for Jesus is, um, HERESY. Meebe certain Christians are jus' paying for the sin of faith in false gods, ya think? Plus remember, you good lil' Baptists, he's Roman Catholic. Alito. Not Jesus. Oh, wait, depends on who you talk to. Well, discuss that little theological point off-blog, please.

On topic: Omnipotent Poobah wrote a great piece this morning called "An Atheist Defense of Faith", and said some very nice things about yours truly, thanks OP, over at Bring It On.

Off topic: My apologies to the blog stat junkies out there. My five hundredth post was a couple days ago. I wasn't paying attention. Sorry.


  1. The whole republican party is a box of assorted nuts!

  2. You have to know that the Rovians have nothing but contempt for their evangelical "base." They are just using them, obviously. Bush's supposed piety is so fake, such an in-your-face condescending ploy. But out loud, he panders enough for them to tag along like terriers. Pathetic.

    Anybody watched "A Face In The Crowd" lately? If not, rent it. I think of it every time I see The Decider these days.

  3. In Jesusistan, "Christianity" is whatever the leadership says it is.

    It is by design that the Chimperor's core of support is more of a religion than a political philosophy. People of faith aren't likely to be deterred by the truth. They just repeat the catechisms of the faith, as handed down by Archbishop Rove and Cardinal Mehlman.

  4. your busman's holiday has served you well. Happy Five-hundredth Day.

  5. Dammit, everybody beat me to this story! On the other hand you can't have to many links to a great piece of video, and this is pretty damaging to the Bush core. (But I know I should stick to singing hippos)

  6. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I think the scales are falling from at least some eyes, and some Christians are waking up to the fact that Dobson, Falwell and Robertson are false profits of an anti-Christian and un-American system of Social Darwinism. There was an excellent Bill Moyers special on PBS the other night on the rise of Evangelical Ecologists that speaks to this very point. Given this trend, liberals would do well to rein in the snark and avoid the temptation to lampoon all Christians as fascist buffoons.

  7. I would love to finally be able to be my own spokesperson as a Christian and a liberal. Thank you who have commented so far. It gives me hope that this may be possible in my lifetime!
    (PS - thanks for the link!)

    Happy 500!

  8. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Rove is right, about these leaders obviously. Man that's hard to say. I'm surprised that everyone is acting surprised. How could anyone not have known he was full of crap about serving the "Christian agenda"? They got Alito and Roberts, he got his votes, wasn't that the deal?

  9. congrats on the 500+!!! i know that i have deliberately lumped all christians together- much to qd's dismay. i did it on purpose. i don't actually believe that all christian folk are bad- i just think that the moderates need to take back their religion as best as they can from the wingnuts that think scalito and roberts will help turn back the tide of homosexuality and abortions. little do they know that if homosexuality was 'allowed' in america we wouldn't need abortions :) anyhoo- lame attempt at humor with not enough coffee. these jackholes will continue on and we have to fight them at every turn or they will take over. my experience is- they never have much useful info on their blogs. and they don't really have anything to say that doesn't get told to them.

  10. Anonymous12:23 PM

    I for one don't buy the "Christians were duped" theory. No way. No how. They were as complicit as the next bunch of sycophants. There is some soft shoeing going on how the poor little Christians were railroaded and to me that is just more of the persecution theory the Christians throw around like it was some personal badge of honor. Persecution? More like willful ignorance and greed. Yip. I am none to happy with this bunch of whiners as reflected in my latest poem.... Not all Christians are greedy and whining, but this mess is on all of our shoulders and the scales are tipping to the Jesus camp!

    Congrats on 500... Keep rockin' your panties.

  11. Add this little tidbit to the allegations from the Kuo book and I think we have a Rove/Bush double whammy.

    "The Architect: Karl Rove and the Master Plan For Absolute Power" by James Moore and Wayne Slater is a fascinating look inside the political maneuvering of Karl Rove in his quest to bring the Republicans to power in every level of government.

    From Chapter 15, p. 229:

    "Karl Rove was on the phone, working the wackos. That's what George W. Bush sometimes called the Christian conservatives, the wackos, and the term had wide currency among Rove's circle of Republican allies. Lobbyist Michael Scanlon told partner Jack Abramoff they had to "bring out the wackos" to help fleece Indian casino operators. Economic conservatives, having little in common, were equally condescending toward the religious Right. But the Christians were a potent political constituency, and Rove recognized their value as a reliable army that could be movivated time and again on behalf of a candidate or an issue."

    Moore and Slater portray Rove, a professed agnostic, as a user of the religious Right in his Machiavellian quest for GOP dominance. Bush is a sort of born again Methodist, a religious epiphany sparked by the impending breakdown of his marriage, and was the perfect puppet to "talk the talk" with the religious wackos. Without their vote, in a polarized political climate, Dubuh would have decisively lost.


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