Saturday, October 28

"Panties," he said.

Yeah, he talked about the stupidity of the Congress discussing a flag burning amendment this past summer. "I was walking by a sex shop in Reno, Nevada, which tells you what my life is like..." he said, and he proceeded to describe some crotchless American Flag panties, and that maybe f-ing the American Flag is worse than burning it.

At least, I thought that's what he was talking about. He described them as American Flag panties with a hole in the back. Hmm. Googlegooglegoogle...

It was a great show. Lewis alluded several times to his concern that there might be some Christians in the audience, as well as some Republicans. He even ended the show saying that it took guts for the University to invite him. Which it did.

The audience was full of students, natch, but there were a few "adults" as Lewis called them. It actually amazed me that anyone would dress up for a date to go see Lewis Black. I wore my C&L T-shirt and Mr. BG's peace sign necklace and my hair down like a hippie.

And yeah, I suppose one or two former Bush voters coulda been in the audience. Hack, cough. And Lewis dealt with that in a very Frank Zappa way--his "there is no bad language" riff was great. But the thing Lewis doesn't get (because he hasn't lived in the South for a decade like I have) is the "bless his heart" motif that most Southerners have coursing through their veins more than grits for breakfast. "Bless his/her heart" is a dismissive insult that, here in the South, is tossed off as a compliment, and it's also used in the case to say "hey, that's your problem, I'm moving on".

Two examples:

Dismissive insult: "She has a really big nose, bless her heart."
That's your problem: "My husband is in the hospital and my car doesn't work and my kids are sick with flu." "Oh! Bless your heart!"

So I kinda wish I could have had two minutes with Lewis before he went on, just to explain this. 'Cause he can get up on stage and say as many f*cks and insult Bush and even joke about Jesus...

"He's a liberal Jew comedian from New York City, bless his heart."

If he comes to your city (schedule here), go.


  1. I am reminded of my favorite Designing Women quotes: "Your mother is a slut and your father's a drunk, but I like you."

    The honey just drips off the tongues.

  2. There's a joke about Nashville that goes like that - "How do they say f*** you in Nashville? 'Bless your heart!'" As a transplanted Southern girl, that was my laugh for the day.

  3. While the Republicans sound like hypocrites regarding Christian morality, the Democrats evoke the analogy of the codependent mother.

  4. Saw Lewis about a year and a half ago. Will be glad when he swings back through again. It takes a wee bit-o-guts to have him here, too, in the land that once had John Ashcroft as Governor, and which currently has Roy Blunt's boy as such.

    But check Lewis' schedule out: Thanksgiving in Hawaii, Winter Break in Florida. Nice timing. The mid-February in outstate NY kinda sucks, tho.


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