Sunday, October 22

My first time.

And Drifty, honey, I'll do it with you if I ever move to Chicago. xoxo


  1. Nice ad. Nice idea. Hope I'm wrong.

    On se verra.

  2. Good stuff.

    Any chance to watch Felicity Huffman is good, though.

  3. Ha! I had it figured out within 15 sec. I'm so smart.

  4. We can make it a Three-Way!


  5. maggie8:59 PM

    Nixon V. McGovern

  6. I'm a little uncomfortable talking about my first time: it was in 1964, back in an era when most people were very private about such a sensitive thing.

    Now the memories are rushing back. I did it "absentee" (for those who are familiar with the various ways you can do it, if you know what I mean!), and with a young woman at Bryn Mawr who I barely knew.

    We were 19, feeling quite grown up, and impetuous. We actually did it in one of the public lounges in a Bryn Mawr dorm, if you can imagine, with lots of people watching. It was a bright October day,and I remember we were lying on a carpet near a big window when we did it (I wish there was a richer word to use than "did it" -- that sounds so clinical, and, believe me, this was anything but clinical!).
    We talked the whole time we were doing it, and each of us were very sensitive to the other: asking what s/he planted, and admitting our ignorance about some of the choices. There was no pain, and no recriminations. I guess today that would be called having a friend with benefits.
    Wow. I feel a lot better lifting the veil of secrecy.


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