Wednesday, October 25

Loretta Nall on Olbermann! Updated

Update: Kathy at Birmingham Blues found the video of the interview. It's only three minutes, well worth watching. Thanks, Kathy.

I'm going to try to get went to the NBC studio to watch her do her stuff. She's fab. And she's bringing a lot of traffic to Blue Gal (the blog) these days, too.

Um, I have no idea what the "Newt Gingrich pedofile" search is about.

If anyone has video they could let me post to YouTube I'd really appreciate it. Her segment was under three minutes at the end of the show and she totally rocked.

The live in the studio experience was as I expected: like watching paint dry. It's a waiting game, and natch I brought my knitting, just as Julia Roberts would have done. Once Loretta was on with KO it went very quickly. But Loretta was great and again I was so impressed that KO just let her talk. That is such a graceful thing and something you hardly ever hear on "if my guest talks for fifteen seconds in a row I'm not doing my job" Fox News.

Loretta got her anti-drug war statement out there, a very strong statement against the Iraq War (she thinks governors should band together to insist that their National Guard troops be sent home) and a statement in favor of naturalizing Mexican immigrants already in this country. Not exactly the Democratic platform, but I kept saying to myself, why isn't it? Maybe it's because, pardon my drawl, much of the Alabama Democratic Party is a buncha pussies, whereas Loretta with her boobs and her panty free bottom is one tough momma and just what this state needs to wake up.

Memo to Loretta: Here is a picture of the Democratic candidate for Governor:



Now I DEFINITELY do not go after women candidates for how they dress. But in practically every shot out there of Baxley on google images, this "Democrat" is wearing red. Now Lucy, Blue Gal her own self is a vibrant winter, and if you can wear clear red like that you can wear cobalt blue, too. Shit, woman, your campaign buttons and t-shirt are red, too. And you're a DEMOCRAT? Who are you trying to fool? Blue Gal takes offense.

Anyhow, tonight is probably the closest I'll ever get to this beautiful meat:

Mmm mmm. Tonight KO proved to me that in addition to being a sex god and a brilliant propagandist for our side, he is also a consummate professional and all around gentleman. In spite of the fact that the reason Loretta was there was all the hubbub about her boobs, KO used that as an introduction and then let Loretta talk about the issues. He let her talk, even though the show was running long and he could have taken more time to make the end of the show all about him. I used to love Keith. Now I like him, too.

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  1. Oh, if I had a dollar for every time someone came to my site searching on "big strong nipples"...

  2. Way cool! We're just about to watch it. Let me know when you find video online.

    And, OT, what is up with Blogger? I have to load your blog and then refresh it so I can scroll down. Then most of the graphics disappear. Geez.

  3. She. Is. Fabulous.

    And she was absolutely wonderful on KO last night!

  4. I have a link to the MSNBC video clip here. Loretta was super last night.

  5. As far as I am concerned, Blue Gal, go ahead and say that...sure we all love Olbermann's brain, but the container it rides around in? Not bad to look at.
    Was surprisingly impressed with the quality of that interview yesterday. KO seemed genuinely interested in her and her future by the end, didn't he?

  6. I agree with Chicating and you. It seemed to me that KO originally had her on the show because he thought she was going to be another joke like Mary Carey. (KO did once blog that Mary is "smarter than she lets on," but he never explained what he meant by that or how.) But once he got Loretta on and started talking to her, it became clear to him that her campaign was not just a publicity stunt and that she has sincerely and deeply held beliefs in the platform she's running on. The only reason she appears to have hooked onto the whole "boobs" thing is in order to take the first thing some man noticed about her and divest it of some of its power to marginalize her. In essence she's saying "OK, I got boobs--so what? Better two boobs on the chest than one boob in the office."

    By the end of their little segment, if anything, Keith seemed a little chastened that he appeared to have invited her on the show because he thought she was running a joke campaign. And whatever "boob" joke he was going to make at the very end, because it appeared he had planned to make one, was jettisoned.

    Good for Keith. Good for Loretta.

  7. great for Keith and great for Loretta- she really knew her stuff and was more eloquent than most that have been on his show- it was refreshing...


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