Friday, October 27

Yep, here's another independent expenditure ad Ken Mehlman can't pull out of...

The hilarious boys at CFAV are keeping bizay this campaign season. It's true you boys, Santorum is on my list, too.


  1. santorum is my senator, god help us all if he gets back in.

  2. Send a dry thong FedEx Overnight -- I just wet mine....

  3. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Too much. Hysterical. Thank you.
    I'm totally addicted.

  4. On MSNBC tonight, they were saying Santorum's kaput, dead in the water, just so much santorum waiting to be flushed down the drain. Woo-hoo!

    This was hilarious, BG.

  5. dustnashes3:17 AM

    BG, OT, have you any thoughts on the new abortion laws just passed in Nicaragua.

  6. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Obviously Blugal is delusional...She thinks shes A) smart, B) right, C) Helping America...In Fact she is an ignorant traitor who needs to get a clue so her three children can live to see adulthood...If she has her way they will have to convert or get their heads cut off...Maybe she thinks we can talk to terrorists and that they will leave us alone...

  7. The thing is, this ad, while funny, is not that far from the actual ads that Pee Wee Santorum is running in these parts.

  8. always interested2:27 PM

    I meant to sign my note to you: "Too much. Hysterical. I'm totally addicted."

  9. Oops. Anonymous at 7:56 AM you meant to publish that over at

    Yeah, I'm on their enemies of God blogroll and proud to be there.


  10. always interested2:39 PM

    Oh, and by the way, I saw the man on Canadian news (CBC) and he said that now the world is not virtuous, as it used to be, so there will have to be things put into place that will mean less freedom for everyone, in order to protect the virtuous from the unvirtuous. Oh,my gosh! And which side of the fence would he be standing on? If he is re-elected... as they used to say in the X Files: "Be afraid, be very afraid..". But then, he doesn't stand alone, with these views.

  11. Gregoire1:26 PM


    Santorum, who voted NO on a $100M bill to reduce teen pregnancy by education & contraceptives, and has a 100% pro-life voting record, has worked hard to make teen pregnancy a private nightmare. I want to congratulate this fine Christian for the success stories he has given us. Those good ol' Christian values (which they all follow of course) of no sex before marriage, no condoms, no sex education, and god knows no abortions, plus repression up the window-in-the-back panties have done WONDERS to make the following story a commonplace. (And the beauty of it is that this girl can also be charged with murder. Wow, double bonus for the right-to-lifers. Kill the girl for murder too.) Yep, its all workin' out just fine...

    Oct 28, 2006 AP
    SAUK VILLAGE, Ill. - A 14-year-old girl accused of suffocating her newborn daughter and leaving the infant's body in a trash can was charged with murder.

    The teenager was also charged Friday with concealment of a homicide...A judge could later decide to try her as an adult, authorities said...

    The teen delivered the baby by herself and didn't tell anyone in her house...

    Anyone with a brain out there really wondering WHY she didn't tell anyone???

    This is why Santorum and his entire hateful moralizing hypocrite GOPper crew have to go, and one day, by all the laws of karma and divine retribution, they will pay the price for their vicious cruelty to the young and desperate.

    If we're lucky, payback starts Nov. 7.

  12. This is too funny!



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