Thursday, October 26

Pick a Card for Thursday

Did you see this?

It's been nearly two years since Denver Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony and MTV VJ La La Vazquez got engaged, and Vazquez is a bit prickly about nagging questions concerning a wedding date.

[La La:] "What people don't realize is Melo and I got engaged really quick after we met each other. We're still in that early stage. By the time we do get married, we might have known each other three, four, maybe five years. A lot of people have been together that long and (are) not even in the engagement stage."

La La? A little calendar tip from Blue Gal: Your relationship is past the "early stage" when your BABY is due in MARCH. Get to know the daddy, 'kay?

Number Two: Don't forget to check out the Rising Hegemon After Dark "Character Counts" Calendar for 2007. It's not easy on the eyes or necessarily safe for work, specially if you work for the RNC.

3: For those of you who like living in the past, V is right. Some people have lots of "tyme on their hannds". But Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog is brilliant, nonetheless.

IV: Certain people have a panty or two in a wad about my calling KO "beautiful meat." Of course, ma hunnies, I meant the meat between his ears. Yeah.

In Keith We Trust panties

Listen, given a pair of clean sheets and a couple of hours of "solitude" Blue Gal could make Richard Dawkins believe in God and David Kuo believe in the Devil. (Preferably not at the same time..."The theological implications are staggering! STAGGERING, I tell you!") And KO? Well, don' he put the sir in sirloin. mmm mmm mmm. (And I mean that in the "Mensa" way.)


  1. Oh, now I think you took Stef's title a little too seriously. Hang around our neck of the woods for a bit and you'll see we absolutely believe in beautiful meat!

    Here, have some panties on us:

    Becky, (editor, Either Relevant or True)

  2. Thanks Becky. And NO WAY did I take that seriously. Just my way of sending a little linky love back atcha. Your site is added to my blogroll, too. Cheers.

  3. Ken Mehlman in a wedding teddy? Oh, my eyes, my eyes! I'm going to go wash out my brain with Pine-Sol now. :)

    And for your viewing enjoyment (or amusement), check out the Cleaning Hunk.

  4. Anonymous11:03 PM

    "Listen, given a pair of clean sheets and a couple of hours of "solitude" Blue Gal could make Richard Dawkins believe in God and David Kuo believe in the Devil."

    Dammit, woman, you just made me do a spittake and blow Dr. Pepper over my keyboard!

  5. I find KO very some folks deny his hotness factor? His wit, intelligence..the whole package just turns me on.


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