Tuesday, October 24

Having a bit of a hit parade here, folks...stand by

Ew. Thanks, Quaker Dave, for "finding" these.

Blue Gal is getting hits like only a mention by Mike can usually give her. But this time, it's people googling Loretta Nall. The post, from last March, is getting all this attention because Loretta's been written up by AP, CBS, etc. etc. in the past few days. There's apparently a lot of press to come. Her website has been down for too many hits on and off since Sunday.

I wish her all the best. As I've said many times before, this state needs shaking up, and she's a shaker, baby.

Happy Birthday Mr. Blue Gal. I love you.

It's frequent commenter Comrade Kevin's birthday, too. No relation. Have a good one, doll.


  1. Yer welcome.

    Talk about droopy drawers...

  2. Thankie much, Blue Gal.

    It's been a decent birthday so far but I am only halfway through and am on my lunch break at work.

    Hope Mr. Blue Gal has a good birthday too.

    And Y.A. Tittle. And Kevin Klein.

    I'd vote for Loretta if I still lived in Alabama. I am now registered in Georgia. Our governor choices are between good old boy number one versus good old boy number two.

    Alas, this is still the south.

  3. What ENORMOUS man-panties!

    And happy birthday to Mr. BG and CK!

  4. Anonymous4:28 PM

    It's also my birthday! And the Emperor Domitian's, Anton Von Leewenhoek's, Melvin Purvis'YA Tittle's, the Big Bopper's and Mary Bono's.

  5. Oooh, happy birthday to Mr. BlueGal!

    Give him a hug from all of us, please!

  6. Happy birthday all! And those are indeed humongous man-panties.

  7. Happy B to Mr. Blue Gal and Comrade Kevin!

  8. Those tightie whities are Fucking Terrifying.

  9. I'm also a birthday boy

  10. happy birthday to all birthday people! cake, must have cake!

    the man panties, nah... : )


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