Wednesday, July 1

Fool Running

She says she can beat Obama in a marathon?

PS Oh you betcha, there's at least two years' worth of photoshoppin' goodness in that Palin gallery at Runner's World. Archive them all now, Boys.


  1. oh god, if there was ever anything that made me want to hang up my running shoes forever, this is it.


    And I was having such fun, too.

  2. DSM-V will just use those pictures for the definition of “narcissistic personality disorder”.

  3. Sarah darlin', I can't help but wonder, why did you leave for your run in those down past the knees pants and come home wearing, what appears to be, another man's running shorts? Did something happen between photos 5 and 6 that we should pray about?

  4. Sarah, my love, I took a closer look at photo 7,taken after you came home and cleaned up. I am sorry I hadn't noticed the trophy wallet in your left hand at first.


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