Wednesday, July 1

Memo to Balloon Juice

Juan! John*! Please! I’m stirrin’ the sauce over here!

As the reigning panties queen of Left Blogsylvania, must say I approve of your post. Just don’t make a habit out of posting disembodied panties, or I’ll hafta sue.

xoxo BG

About a gobzillion of my fans emailed me on this. Thanks you guys I GOT IT.

Dick Whisperer Panties?
Honestly. Dana Milbank is EPA tested as a permanent woodkill, isn't he?

*see comments


  1. Too much, BG!

    You are just tooooooo muuuuuch!!!


    permanent woodkill

  2. Don't you mean John - or have I missed the yolk?

  3. Oh jeesh there's two Mister Coles and I just CAN'T tell them apart! Kidding -- my goof. Balloon Juice is John Cole and Informed Consent is Juan Cole. Sorry about that John. xo [fixing the post now]

  4. and of course by Informed Consent I mean Informed Comment.

  5. My god, stealing BG's panties (and thongs) have thrown her off her game! Must be remedied!

    All I gotta say, is if John Cole starts posting on knitting, the fucker's going down.



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