Friday, July 24

Tweeting from BlogHer

I'm doing mostly tweets from BlogHer.

One of the nice things about this conference is that they've assigned the seminar rooms by type of blogger who might be most interested. I'm camped out in the "Leadership" room, ha.

Most of bloggers I've met here have some form of "mom/mommy/mother" in their blog title, or they're not really blogging, they're marketing a business which otherwise has no connection to blogging (ie. party planning. I've met four party planners. Today.) That said, the overall coolness factor of the people attending is higher than I expected.

A few bloggers/participants worth mentioning:

Jezebel and Lilith from Evil Slutopia: my posse at BlogHer. Warning: they are young, and that is impressive, because they are young women who have at this really young age (under 30, folks) found their totally original, authentic voice and more importantly, are not afraid to use it.

Gloria Feldt: I haven't had time to fully peruse her blog yet, but she's a reproductive health/rights blogger, and person to person she is very impressive.

: A Latina blog, and at the risk of seeming trite, a wise Latina blog. The editor of this blog is looking for Latina contributors. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass the info along....

More later...


  1. I have a grrl crush on Gloria ... and she knows it!


  2. I'm glad you're there. It has seemed like such a mystery to me, but lately I'm reading more blogs of people who are involved in Blogher.


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