Saturday, July 25

Saturday Song

Dedicated to the women of BlogHer.

The Palin discussion was very good, most of us on the same page, that she was a disaster.

I got interrupted during my question to the panel. We were sitting there having a bit of a piefight over what is "pro-woman" versus what is "feminist." I was trying to point out that such piefights don't really contribute to the wider world of what matters.

"Yeah, but isn't that a put down against women, that we have piefights but the other side (?) doesn't have THEIR piefights?"


Yeah okay I was putting down women. Bad feminist, no Tim Gunn makeover for you!


  1. Tim Gunn cracks me up! PhysioWife told me they're gonna have an All-Star project runway this season.

  2. Tough crowd?


  3. Pie? Did someone say pie?

  4. was their any pro-Palinites

  5. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Marketing people are such a waste of breath. They see everything as a opportunity to make $$$$.


  6. Yeah, I agree. Stop the pie fights. It's a true waste of blueberries and granulated sugar

  7. You haven't reckoned with the Judean People's Front!

  8. Heh. I had an interesting conversation with a woman in the lobby on Saturday night. She said two things I always focus in on.

    First she said something about "well, it's women, they have catfights. Men don't do that."

    At which point I told her I'd have to disagree, since I could point her to some pretty amusing online brouhahas starring a passel of prominent male bloggers.

    Then she said she hated it when women fought and got into these us vs. them things, The mommy wars being an example, I suppose.

    At which point I said, well we often complain that women are socialized not to express anger or disagreement. isn't the silver lining here that these women are disagreeing with one another, and expressing it?

    So, you know, I sometimes see things slightly oddly, I guess :)


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