Thursday, July 23

A Video regarding the Birther Controversy


  1. BG,


    This should shut them up.

    As if.

    Rock on, sister!


  2. You are Fab-U-lous Darling, absOlutely Fab-U-lous.. This is why I read your blog.. are the people of this country so increadably ignorent, that they have to keep this birther stuff going? This is deffanently a situation where, as i have said before, "Nothing is ever enough for one, for whom enough, is too little...."

  3. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Hysterical! Great Job!! If you like playing "whack-a-birfer" or just find it fascinating to ponder the level of bat-shit-insane the birfers operate under...well, please join us over at the forum...where we mock the birfoons mercilessly.

  4. I wish this ended the debate altogether. But it's tough to speak truth to the batshit insane.

    I mean, look at Pammy.

  5. ****Applauds****

    I love it!

  6. REquesting permission to post this elsewhere.... w links back at cha....

  7. anytime... that's why they're always embeddable.

  8. You may have noticed that 99.9999 percent of "birthers" are white.

    Their claim, reduced to its essentials, is that Obama's a "ni**er," but they are afraid of the opprobrium they'd face if they just stood there shouting "He's a fucking NI**ER," so they shout he not a "real" murkin.

    This is as close to "nuance" as most of the Lumpen-proles can handle...

    Oh, and Great Job...I'm gonna appropriate it for one of my blogs...I'll link ya, of course...

  9. Nice try Fran, but Obama really is an undocumented, illegal alien; only he's the extraterrestrial type. Who else could, or would put up with a nation full of knuckle-dragging nuttjobs who would rather pick at the lint in their navel than put out the fire in their pants.

  10. nothing will shut up insane america


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