Saturday, July 18

Saturday Songs? I just discovered Joi Lansing.


  1. geek_guy2:14 PM

    Nice Cleavage!

  2. Wow. I trust Dr. Z has seen these!

    That first video had me laughing, and reminded me of the craziness of some old children's shows (without the sex, of course). Damn, the drugs flew freely at some studios back in the day...

  3. My god she does remind me of Monica Crowley. Only now do I need brain bleach.

  4. Monica Crowley?

    You're a cruel, cruel woman, BG.

  5. My secret decoder ring just blew a fuse. Loose lips synch ships. I used to think the Dave Matthews band was tomorrow's elevator music today but now it's obvious that Britney had a red hot mamma and they called it rock 'n' roll.


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