Thursday, July 30

Why Rush Limbaugh isn't toe-to-toe with live audiences

This, from 1990, subbing for Pat Sajak's talk show:

I had not seen this before. It's long, but wow.

It's a good reminder to all of us too to be wary of commenters who want to call every angry woman crazy. I know I appeared crazy to some last weekend. I wasn't crazy, I was angry.

"Crazy Eileen" is not crazy because she's an angry woman. She's crazy because her thoughts, sadly, are very divorced from reality. For those of you who haven't read about her, she's the birther "I want my country back" lady from Delaware, who, it turns out, has been banned from calling at least one conservative radio station because she claims there are aliens are coming to earth this October or some such. I wondered about her when in her town hall meeting tirade she said her Dad fought in the Pacific Theater and she didn't want the flag changed. I have a feeling based on listening to the words in her tirade, that statehood for Hawaii is actually one of the issues she is fighting against. Yeah.

I saw an "I want my country back" bumpersticker yesterday. On a Honda. And you just know she shops at WalMart.


  1. No matter what Rush does, he's always the one being wronged.

    He reminds me why I despised working with adult drug addicts.

    Decades of practice at being victims.

  2. He rags on Obama for using a Teleprompter, but he can't ever deiviate from his own script. That's why he has no guests, that's why he screens his calls, that's why he's only ever interviewed by allies.

    But millions still listen. Like I said to someone else today, stupid is the new swine flu.

  3. I think I know the woman he was talking to. Now I'm going to have to email her to find out!


  4. what's "funny" about Limpbaugh and others of his ilk is that they will say stuff-obviously to make progressives/liberals angry, then feign surprise and being the victim when there is appropriate outrage directed back toward them.
    Funny what QuakerDave said about the stupid being the new Swine Flu!!

  5. Mominamerica4:34 PM

    Sore loser, hypocrit, drug addicted, FOLLOWER, confused, controlling, egotistical moron! I am simply amazed at the amount of "dittoheads" that continue to swallow his crap! The word dittohead alone explains him and all his clones!

  6. "Why Rush Limbaugh isn't toe-to-toe with live audiences"...

    I doubt that his feet are big enough to extend out beyond his paunch.

    Kinda hard to go "toe-to-toe" when your belly keeps everything at 'arm's length,' imho...

  7. 'I saw an "I want my country back" bumpersticker yesterday. On a Honda.'

    Well, that beats a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac. :)

    I saw that show live, and it put me onto his game early.
    There's a lot of money to be made doing authoritarian voice-over work for counter-revolutionary interests, isn't there?


  8. Blue Gal~ Oh please 2 minutes & I'm out.
    I have a very low tolerance for Flush Limbaugh.

    How can people stand to listen to his bullshit?

  9. Thanks Bluegal -- If only he were shut-up this effectively every time he opened his hate-spewing trap. - Geo


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