Saturday, July 4

Saturday Song (redux)

The album version of this song is on the post below. It's a lovely tune and a postcard to Sarah Palin, also too.

UPDATE: So I hit publish to this here post and what happens? Do you think she's going away? Gah!


  1. The Palin ad was part of the vast left wing conspiracy. Get over it.

  2. Come on.... Sarah has some legal troubles & needs a hefty Legal Defense fund. After all she will be jobless in just a few short weeks.
    We should all pony up.... she needs designer clothes, probably lawyers, guns & money.
    No more mansion for the Ex guvnah.
    Or is that Governatress? Lame duck/dead duck.

  3. Re: Elvis Costello

    The guy is a lyrical and melodic genius IMHO. He shoulda sued that bloated pill-popping hillbilly that tried to steal his name.

  4. Google just wants you to know that it cares.


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