Friday, April 23

At What Point Do the Tea Party People
Become A National Joke?

Right about here:


Podcast later today.


  1. I saw a video interviewing several tea baggers. Not an intelligent statement among them. For example, one stated that Obama is going to ban fishing in the United States. She repeated it twice. The interviewer asked her where she got this information. She simply stared at him, with no response.

    It is sort of like trying to talk to a person who has just undergone a lobotomy. A useless exercise.

  2. Never underestimate the American public, BG, it will come back to bite you.

    I thought we were to smart to elect Chimpy.



  3. When do they BECOME a joke? That horse done left the barn...

  4. See, I don't believe that NY Times poll that the teabaggers are better educated than most Americans. Maybe the people bankrolling these yahoos (FreedomWorks et al.). But not the people holding the FEEDOM DOESN'T COME FREE signs.


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