Monday, April 26

Salon tonight, but first, a little Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater

Because really, the description in the CURRENT knitting pattern magazine for this sweater says, and I am not making this up:

Just take a fruity raspberry color, a pinch of nougat, a sporty rib pattern and make a man wear it.

Make a man wear it? Hey, you knit it for him, make him wear it all the way to the bus. Then, blame the "curse of the boyfriend sweater" for the fact that you never hear from him again.

Salon tonight here at 9 Eastern.


  1. I would not be caught dead in that sweater. I wouldn't just unravel it, I would cut the yarn up into one-inch pieces so it could never be made into something else; I would then scatter the bits in the four corners of the world so the beast could not reassemble itself.



  2. Don't hold back, Tengrain. Tell us what you really feel.

    And the sweater isn't all that bad, color aside.

  3. I've got to agree with Tengrain here.

    Seriously, I really have to...

  4. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Is it just me, or does that dude look like he's about to embark upon an epic round of armpit farts?


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