Monday, April 5

Eat your heart out, Michael Steele, National Review Online is also doing the sexy fundraiser thingy.

This via TBogg: Kathryn! Jean! Lopez! finds a shiny distraction to her beloved pedophile priests by trolling her readership for their...experiences with pornography?

I'm cutting it into lines because, really, she's writing PURE POETRY here, people!

"The piece we published today

on the devastating effects of pornography

has kept a steady stream

of e-mails


into my inbox.

Some telling devastating tales.

Some confessions.

Some adamant defenses

of pornography

from frequent users.

Some cries for help.

Please feel free

to keep them coming.

I’ll report back here before too long.

Good night for now."


  1. I think it's funnier if you admit that THE Tbogg made you do it ;-)

  2. Great tube (which I will be stealing, I'm sure), and great YouTube -- I was looking for just that short clip yesterday and couldn't find anything less than the whole scene.


  3. Do. Not. Want.

    The woman doesn't want to believe that soldiers use porn. She is not qualified to talk about sex, even as fanfic.

  4. "...has kept a steady stream of e-mails coming
    into my inbox." Is it me, or does this sound vaguely naughty? And Batocchio is right, she is efinitely not qualified to talk about sex.

  5. When all is said and done, I must say that I usually like my porn to have a little more filth in it. ;o)


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