Thursday, April 15

Three Reviews

If you like tense drama with a cyber feel, I think you'll like John Sundaman's Acts of the Apostles. I kept thinking it would make a GOOD James Bond movie with just a few tweaks. You know, good James Bond, Goldfinger James Bond. Goldfinger with Daniel Craig tenseness James Bond. Oh you get my drift.

Do click the link and explore John's site, where you can read more. And buy the book if you want to read it. We're very pro "pay the damn writer" here at BG.

John attends Chat Salon on Mondays from time to time so if you buy his book and want to talk to him about it, he's available.


If you haven't watched the entire 70 minutes of Red Letter Media's Phantom Menace review, you should. Even if, like me, you never saw Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Actually, this review will make you glad you didn't. But you'll stay for the 70 minutes, even if you think you won't, so set aside the time. (PS there is a sub-plot to this that the narrator is a wife-murderer, but he will also mail you a Pizza Roll. I mean, really. But if you are sensitive to fake horror movie plot devices you might want to skip it.)


Finally, this negative review of an audio book from Audible is too good not to share:

review of audiobook The Magicians by Lev Grossman

"All Hope Abandon Ye Who Listen Here"
By: Brad (USA)
November 01, 2009

This novel aspires to answer the question: what would happen if jaded, hyper-sexed versions of Harry, Ron and Hermione found themselves on a quest in Narnia . . . ?

The answer is: you don't care. Because by the time you make it to the end of this gaping sore of hopeless apathy, you'll begrudge J.K. Rowling and C.S. Lewis just for conceiving two worlds that could be so poorly re-imagined by a douche like Lev Grossman. And you won't thank narrator Mark Brahmall for pouring his weak sauce over the whole s--t sandwich.

This is one mess of a story that really begs the question: why write it? why read it? why listen? Stay away . . . and if still decide to try it on: it's definitely not for kids. Unless you let your kids listen to explicit stories about straight; gay; orgiastic; pedophilic; and bestial sex. In which case, this is the book for you . . . sicko!

Happy Thursday; Podcast tomorrow.

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